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Queen Seon Deok January 22, 2010

It is sageuk drama from Korea. It is about Queen Seon Deok (Lee Yo-won ) who become the 1st queen of Shilla. Queen Seon Deok has a twin sister, Princess Chun Myung (Park Ye Jin). Having a twin birth means bad omen. Therefore, King Jinpyeong (Jo Min Ki) asked one of his maid to bring out Deok Man (former name of Queen Seon Deok) from the palace to secure his Royal Family. Years later, she went back to Shilla as a Hwa Rang (soldier), not knowing she is a princess, too. She became a friend to Princess Chun Myung and Yu Shin (Uhm Tae Woong). With the help of Yu Shin and Bi dam (Kim Nam Gil), Deok Man decided to be the Princess of Shilla when her twin sister died in place of her. She has strong will to fight Mishil (Go Hyeon Jeong) for the throne.

This sageuk drama started airing last May 25, 2009. It was competing with “Dream”(Kim Bum of Boys Over Flowers) and “Hometown the Legends”. It has high ratings in Korea. It has 16% rating in the pilot episode and continues to be the top Drama every Monday and Tuesday with more than 40% rating. It focuses on political issues rather than romance. It stars  Lee Yo-won (Bad Love), Uhm Tae Woong ( Delightful Girl Choon Hyang), Kim Nam Gil (Be Strong Geum Soon) and Go Hyeon Jeong (Homicide Investigation Team).

With an average of 37.7%, it ended last December 22, 2009. After Bi Dam died, Queen Seon Deok died in the next days.

Trivia: Evil Mishil want to be the Queen of Shilla. She is so powerful that no one can go against her until the Six seven stars become seven eight stars. That is the time when Princess Deok Man and Chun Myung are born.

Drama Awards:

Go Hyeon Jeong won MBC Daesang Award (Grand Prize)

Lee Yo Won won Female Top Excellence Award

Uhm Tae Wong won Male Top Excellence Award

Kim Nam Gil won Male Excellence Award

Lee Yo Won and Kim Nam Gil won Best Couple Award


Due to high ratings, from 50-episode, it was extended to 62 episodes.

When the character of Mi Shil died, the ratings of it slowly went down.